The Unwanted Conti Bride

 The Legendary Conti Brothers Book 2 – Conti Devil’s Story. Leandro’s story is here!

WEbsize1 SophiaComing June 20th 2016!

“I want to marry you.”

If Sophia Rossi wants to save her father’s business, then merging the Rossi and Conti empires is the only way. Luca Conti broke her heart once, but this time, Sophia’s in the driver’s seat. Except Luca can still make her body tremble with just a look!

Luca has spent years cultivating his Conti Devil Reputation to mask the darkness he inherited from his father, a facade that Sophia should be all too familiar with. Still the shrewd businessman can see the benefits of her proposal…He might not want her as his bride, but he’ll enjoy having her in his bed!

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