Pooja and Mr. Darcy


Pooja and Mr. Darcy


Release: October 2018!

Pooja Sharma is pretty happy with her life.

So she’s not an over-achieving Cardiologist like her older sister.

So she doesn’t have a perfect fiancé like her best friend.

She doesn’t even have a date in the foreseeable future.

Her cat Snape, her receptionist job at a children’s clinic and her trusty Toyota - Pooja is happy with what she does have.

Until Dr. Rishi Malhotra, Pre-eminent Child Psychiatrist, the Perfect Catch and her childhood's bane - her very own Mr. Darcy, moves back into town.

Suddenly, Pooja's out of a job, a place to live and two matchmaking mamas decide Rishi is perfect for her. 

Pooja's been burned before. A man so perfect as Rishi could never be right for an im-perfect, un-ambitious, average woman like her.

Or was there a perfect man for someone even like her?

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