Sonia and Mr. Homeless


Sonia and Mr. Homeless


Release Date: May 2018! 

Prequel Novella to the Heroes & Hotties Club Series!

Single mom and science teacher Sonia Mehta lives by her to do list: 

  1. Bake a cake for school fundraiser
  2. Save for Maya’s College fund
  3. Ditch the man her parents and in-laws want her to marry - one mistake was enough in her life, thank you very much!
  4. Find a man to have secret, monkey sex with. Because hello - horny woman here!

So what's an almost 30 year old widow with a young daughter surrounded by friends and family and a close-knit community to do to get some horizontal action without the entire world making it their business?

Why, proposition the safe, remote, but totally hot Mr. Homeless, who's been occupying her friend's cousin's couch for months, for sex, right?


Except Sonia's best laid plans get her laid and a little more than she asked for - like falling in love!

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