Bad At Love

Love in Paradise Novella # 1

One hot 43yo single mama/sexy accountant ready for love’s next adventure.

Two weeks in paradise for her BFF’s 25th Wedding Anniversary celebrations.

Three months of wooing her shy gentleman friend finally maturing into hopefully lots of action. Yeah baby!

Chaaru Ramesh has got it all figured out. After all, she isn’t the CEO of her own accounting firm for nothing.

Except her virgin Brazilian Wax has left her with a crotch rash. And her gentleman friend is MIA. And the worst, her long time, dearest enemy - cocky, arrogant, ex-navy engineer Dev Prasad AKA DP is her partner for all the super senti, over the top Bollywood style couples’ crap that’s on the agenda for two weeks.

What else could go wrong?

Or what could go deliciously right?

Status: First Draft In Progress

lessthanperfect 300x480.jpg

Less Than Perfect

Part 1 in a 3 part series of a Slow burn, Angsty, New Adultish, Forbidden love fest!

All pediatric resident Priya Motla needs to keep her perfect life on track is to

  1. Win the other half of her power couple- her fiancé, back.

  2. Help her BFF mount a revolution against her narrow minded family.

  3. Be a wonderful auntie to her dead cousin’s six year old little girl.

  4. Prep, study and study hard for her USMLE Step 1 test.

  5. Help her cousin’s widower Farhan patch up the family rift so that his little girl can get to know her mother’s family. Phew!

  6. Oh….and stop falling in love with said cousin’s widower.

While she tries to wrangle her life into following her ten year plan, will Priya realize that happiness and love happen in those less than perfect moments?

Status: Back to Plotting - oh and maybe getting an MD in the process to understand life as med student. :)