New spiffy website!

I've been working on a news website for the last few months. There might still be a couple of broken links here and there. Of course, all the pages are also works-in-progress. so please bear with me!

I'm totally in love with the look and the vibe! How about you?

If you browsed around a little, you'll see that I have a new romantic comedy series graphic and the first tentative title!

I've just started writing this book - Pooja And Mr. Darcy - and OMG, I'm having so much fun.

If you've read any of my Presents, you'll know that I write passionate, high intensity emotional stories. I ADORE writing my Alpha males but it was high time to stretch my writing wings. I started and stalled on so many different stories but this just dug in. 

I barely have two chapters so far and I'm loving it! It's first person, sassy, bantery and funny too.

Who'd have thunk I could write funny?

Goes to show how important it is to flex our writing muscle just like every other muscle.

And speaking of muscles, I've been strength training for the first time in my life for the past few weeks and it's another thing I'm loving.

Since last year, I've been on a kick, I guess. It just came on slowly that somewhere along the last few years, I'd been kind of in a rut in every aspect.

So I've been kicking it up a notch everywhere!!

Stay tuned!