Small Changes + Every Day = A New Year!


It's the first working week of the new year for me and it's off to a great start!

This year, I did a lot of reflection on the past year and my word for the year is GROW. I met an old friend from college and something about that meeting reminded me that I used to be so bold and sparkly and just willing to risk things, experiences, opinions to just LIVE life.

Of course, I'm wiser than I was 15 years ago but somewhere that inherent boldness also dulled.

So this year, I'm claiming that sparkle back and am going to try to Grow into myself again. See what I did there? 😀

Of course, the word comes with its own pressures because who among us doesn't want to see immediate results. We do live in a world of instant gratification.

So to support that growth and to sustain it over long term, my other themes are small changes, consistency, and mindfulness.

Whether writing and writing related business stuff or health and fitness or spirituality or family or relationships, I'm implementing small changes.

Small Changes + Every Day = Sustainable Growth.

Hey, I even did some math in the name of my theme. 😉 #STEMGirl

And Metrics.

The other difference this year is I'm tracking everything. EVERYTHING! From writing sprints to mood (PMS rages/hysterics anyone?) to food to steps to yoga to gym visits to dental visits to WhatsApp communication (all those groups add up y'all) to Social Media Posts to Books I Read to Movies I watch to Board Games played with Children to Travel to Meals to Expenses to how many times I'm journaling in the year to WaterIntake to I said everything.


For me, the main advantage of tracking all these Metrics (other than the fact that it feeds my planner and stationery addiction) is that when the shine of the new year fades and I fall into a rut ( which is inevitable because motivation is not in infinite supply) the metrics help me get back on track.

To do an easy reset.

The good days shine in contrast to the sad, bad, miserable days.

Also, they help me figure out what tasks I dread, what I love, what refill the muse, what makes my heart expand with joy, what drags me down, what gives me decision fatigue early in the week and I can adjust these things to function better.

Not at peak level. I don't think it's possible to function at peak levels all the time. But I can do more of the good stuff and minimize the stuff that gives me very little ROI.

Phew!! 😐

Makes sense, right?

I don't know where I heard it because I'm a productivity junkie and I read so many articles/books on it but in essence I think I'm choosing SYSTEMS over WillPower.

Because systems are designed to handle failures/ false starts/ inertia etc. but again willpower is only finite.

Since you've hung on for this long, here's some pretty pictures of my planner.

Also new book started today!

The book and life is a blank page, ready to be filled.